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Pera is captivated by the world that we inhabit. Always finding moments, objects and societal structures to explore, develop or tear apart. The object that embodied ‘Taking No Prisoners’ and becoming ‘No Prisoner’ was discovered one day as ‘creative junk.’ A motherboard, torn apart and left behind after fulfilling its role within society. An object of power, strange ethereal beauty, aesthetic oddities and magnetising patterns, Pera found an intense fascination behind the need to explore and repurpose such an object.


She saw the importance of perspective and subjectivity of perception that it demonstrated. Fuelling the need for freedom but with a reminder that conscious connection to self and ‘all-that-be,’ is vital for our evolution. A seemingly banal piece of technology that held hidden so many captivating possibilities. An unnoticed object of beauty that has lived imprisoned within a larger structure. Only when that structure was deemed useless and discarded in the trash, did Pera find the motherboard and set it free from its constraints.


Drawing comparisons to how we live our everyday lives, slaves to a system, to society, to chaos.

13 designs that each tell their own story. What is true and who are we really, if our structures are taken away?

What pure beauty and untainted realism would we find?

An unincorporated reality.

An ‘unincorporated’ creation comes with its own unique code and make number, they are as distinctive and as individual as the wearer, and no matter where they end up in their cycle they will remain part of a very special story.

Each design you see here is of limited existence. By limiting creation we break down trends and fast consumption cycles, we bring the true value and purpose back to the craft.

All Pera May artisanal jewellery is made using the Lost Wax method, one of the oldest known techniques dating back to over 6000 years allowing for beautiful, intricately detailed pieces.

The entire process is handmade for you in New Zealand from start to finish and creates an incredibly intimate relationship between the designer and the wearer.

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