Our PETER O’SHAUGHNESSY TURTLENECK is made from two fabrics:

The first is our acid green knit, which is 100% cotton, sourced from The Fabric Store in Newton, Auckland. This is a deadstock fabric, meaning it is either end-of-line, excess from a large scale designer, a mill overrun or a cancelled order. By using deadstock, we are able to use up already existing fabrics where they would otherwise have ended up in landfill, support New Zealand businesses and for Pera the ability to find unique, exciting fabrics that can often be hard to source locally. 

The fabrics that we source from the Fabric Store are often limited rolls, 15m would be the maximum amount we are able to source down to as little as 5m, in this case there was only 8.5m. This is an exciting challenge for Pera during the design process because it limits what you can and can’t make with such little amounts. It influences the process from design through to production and purchase - the buyer must truly love the garment enough to endure the pre-order system and accept the higher price point for a unique, limited style. This is allowing the slow, artistic process of the craft that PERA MAY is championing to showcase whilst hoping to educate consumers around the benefits of appreciating clothing and purchasing consciously. 

The second fabric is our 100% ZQ merino, sourced from The Fabric Store in Newton, Auckland. The Fabric Store’s ZQ merino is produced ethically and sustainably in partnership with ZQ. Merino with a ZQ certification is beneficial for the animal, the planet, farmer and wearer! Read more here about ZQ wool. Merino is an incredible fabrication to wear all season round, a powerhouse fabrication that regulates your body temperature - hot or cold.


Because we are made to order and runs are so small we use multiple machinists across the same styles to ensure we get our orders within the time frames we (you) need. Therefore your piece may have been made by either;



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