At PERA MAY, we design forever products that will make an impact on your life, not on the planet. We strive to be as transparent, ethical and sustainable as possible across all aspects of PERA MAY. However, we acknowledge there are always ways that you can be more sustainable. Sustainability is not a point to be arrived at but to be constantly pursued. As the consumer we welcome you to read on our sustainability process below. Additionally, we welcome your ideas and questions at any time. Please contact holla@peramay.com for any inquiries. We promise to respond with honesty and deliver a process that meets your needs and the planets’ needs. 




We design irrespective of seasons or trends. You will not see seasonal labels attached to collections, rather a call to spark a conversation. When seeing garments as an opportunity to spark conversation rather than having a purely seasonal and time sensitive purpose, a timeless approach to design naturally follows. PERA MAY garments will not only serve their utility as clothing but will be your very own work of art - unique, considered and made to be loved by you forever.

The story behind each garment is detailed in our "Garment Transparency" tab. We make this as transparent as possible, so you can make a completely informed consumer choice. Through this portal you will find everything about the garment including our sustainable choices about fabrication and which members of our team carefully produced each item. You will notice that a high number of garments are designed with deadstock fabric. In the design process this is the easiest way for us to minimise waste as we rescue these textiles from an uncertain fate and give them new purpose.


Our entire process takes place in New Zealand by a community of industry experts that we work closely with. We make as little as 1 piece per style to a maximum of 20 currently. This naturally adds to the expense of a garment, unlike mass produced clothing where costs can be whittled down. The trade-off? We minimise the expense on the planet.


Our custom order process follows the “slowest” approach to production. Custom orders are only made upon customer request and involve a thorough process to ensure fit is perfect. This may be slow, but is the best way to ensure waste in production minimised, if not eliminated entirely. We use this process for our most precious, statement designs to ensure they end up in truly loving homes and retain their value as a unique piece of art for your body.


Our pre-order process is a touch faster. We use this process for garments we consider to be more “staple” wardrobe items. Pre-order garments will be made in slightly larger quantities and pre-orders are used to guide our production quantities. This ensures we make “just enough” for our loyal “pre-orderer’s” and for small quantities to be available in stock.


PM people are small but mighty. Highly skilled and great friends of ours, it's impossible to put a dollar value on their worth. All PM people are paid a living wage and many work flexible hours and from their preferred locations in order to suit their own lives.


As we said earlier, sustainability is a journey rather than a destination. As we nurture our new venture we will continue to improve sustainability practices. At the forefront of our planning is waste minimisation – we are currently exploring practices to save our offcuts from landfill and recycle them for new purposes. Watch this space for updates.


Be kind, be conscious, be creative and be you! 

PM team