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Moment 01 explores sociological ideologies to stir your reality through contrasting rich colours and textures and a sophisticated ‘tongue in cheek’ humour. This collection plays with a range of luxurious, sustainable textiles with bold, exaggerated detailing to manifest a theatrical and unique finish.

Pera May creates a full sensory experience for the consumer to excite and create joy for them. Each garment allows the wearer to be whoever they want to be. Be free, be unique and be your truth.

In a world where everything is hot for a minute

We lie, and we falsify just to stay in it.

Knock knock who’s there, social media and materialism uniting

When its really global warming and insecurity we should be fighting.

You can love who you want as long as everyone approves,

Ugh its sosighity, so bullsh*t, fake news.

When your screen time is higher than the average IQ

money is no more important than the size of your shoe.

Don’t follow the herd like the rats followed the piper,

Be clever, you is better, you are your own playwriter.

If we showed a little kindness and gave more than we took,

We’d be surprised at how much better things look.

But alas’ nothing is lost, the power is within,

All that it takes is to display a little grin.

Human needs must but try not to be greedy,

Follow @peramay___ if you ever need me.


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