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PERA MAY’S latest collection reflects a complex mixer of human emotions cultivated by uncertain times. The phrase itself, “BLAH de DAH” feels bored and flat yet still fanciful and cheeky. It’s the moment when boredom is poised to transform into creativity and imagination. The times when you’re carefully following a recipe and allow yourself to freestyle with a new combination of ingredients. When you’re staring out the window, up at the sky and think hey, I’m going to make a kite today. When life feels glum, there are two options, BLAH or DAH. In this collection, PERA MAY finds a harmony between both.

The garments of BLAH de DAH give the mind and body a chance to acknowledge and feel it’s sense of languish or “BLAH” through Pera’s take on loungewear. But in the same breath the garments harness imagination. The colour palette reflects sunsets and associated feelings of freedom, and escapism. This is a natural source of inspiration for Pera and signals that the world continues to turn despite everything. Surprising details are found in basic, staple garments these are our living manifestations of an idea sparked! This collection reminds us to imagine alternative realities and plan for exciting moments ahead.

BLAH de DAH reflects the strange interactions of languish, boredom and imagination in a life locked down, about to be set free.

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